BCC throws an alphabet design competition

 BCC throws an alphabet design competition

The Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) has organized an alphabet design competition to make different types of Bangla alphabet suitable for computer use or digitization. The first prize for the winner has been declared as BDT 100,000 taka; for second prize, 50 thousand taka; 2 third prize winners wil receive 25 thousand taka each and honorable mention award will be given to 5 winners and their prize money will be 10 thousand taka each. For participating in the competition, the contestant has to apply through Google form.

Following letters would be written in an artistic manner:

ঐ মিঞা অঘটন দেখ; ঊষাবেলা ঔপন্যাসিক ও তার দুঃখি ঋণী ভাই ঢাকা শহরের উঁচুতে যত ডাগর ফড়িং, ঈগল এবং ব্যাঙ আছে তাদের মাঢ়ি দিয়ে ঠেসে ধরে ঝাকাতে থাকল।

The competition, called ‘Color Design for Fonts’, invites typographers, artists, graphic designers, calligraphers, photographers and the general public to design beautiful handwriting or the Bengali alphabet.

The event is being organized under BCC’s project titled ‘Enrichment of Bangla Language in Information Technology through Research and Development’.

Winners will be selected through an open competition by a panel of expert judges. Handwriting or fonts must be submitted for the competition by March 26.

In this regard, Mohammad Mamun Ar Rashid, Language Technology Specialist of Bangladesh Computer Council, Consultant and Teacher of Jahangir Nagar University, told Digibangla that designed fonts are inadequate in Bengal compared to fonts used for institutional needs. This competition is organized to overcome that. You can take part in the competition by following certain procedures. Details on font submission can be found on the website.

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